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  • Active Gold Mines in Vietnam's Jungle RareGoldNuggets

    Dec 22, 2015For most, the memories of Vietnam are usually focused around the Vietnam War. Thankfully, in more recent years, this now peaceful country.

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  • Besra Gold Inc Vietnam

    We are the leading Gold producer in Vietnam, operating out of two Gold mines in Central Vietnam. Bong Mieu & Phuoc Son.

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  • ASLA 2012 Student AwardsMining as Demining

    The site is at the head of Ho Chi Minh trail, an area that was most heavily bombed during the Vietnam War. It overlaps with one of the largest gold prospecting.

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  • Vietnam authorities to investigate illegal gold miningMINING

    Apr 17, 2017Dozens of people flock to the Bong Mieu mine every day to extract gold.

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    In 2006, Xinhua reported: Vietnam has spotted 500 gold deposits and verified.

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